Touchscreens Signage

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Touchscreen Signage

Are you looking to inform your customers of your product/service in a fun and attention grabbing way or simply just want to entertain them while browsing your store? Well you've come to the right place,here at LCI Data we've got the perfect touchscreen signage for you. Digital signage is usually in the form of small to large billboard made of LCD, LED or a similar display system. Interactive digital signage touch displays enables people to learn about your business, your products or simply be entertained. Touchscreens signage are available in small and large formats and their sizes range from 10 to 70 inches. Equipped with USB, HDMI, bluetooth and wifi and ready to operate round the clock. Our high quality digital signage displays could be used in many places such as schools, train stations, airports, hospitals, fast food restaurants, and hotels.

4 different types of digital signage solutions

  • Indoor digital display

  • Digital posters

  • Digital menu boards

  • Outdoor digital display