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RFID Tags and Labels

RFID Tags are available in three categories that are Passive, Semi – Passive and Active.

  • •Passive: Passive RFID tags are not common and does not consist of power. They receive the power from the reader. Moreover they could be used for at least 20 years and inexpensive to manufacture.

  • •Semi-passive: This type of RFID tag utilizes batter to support internal operation however, it depends on RFID reader to provide the power in order to transmit the signal to the reader. They are used to monitor temperature sensitive products such as perishable products and pharmaceuticals throughout transportation and storage.

  • •Active: This type of RFID does use batter to supply power to the electronics, which allows to greater distance to be achieved as it does not rely on the received power to provide a reflected signal. This type of tag is ideal track high value goods that have to be scanned over long ranges for instance railway cars on a track.

In terms of frequencies, we offer UHF (ultra high frequency), HF (high frequency and LF (low frequency) RFID tags that are used for applications such as access control, inventory management, consumer goods distribution, file tracking and livestock tracking.

RFID smart labels combine a variety of inlays (each having a unique chip, bonding wire as well as antenna) with a variety of printable materials to make them applicable for a broad range of applications in a wide range of environments. Our smart labels come designed ready to work with a variety of RFID printers.

We deliver RFID Tags and labels from the worlds most recognized brands including Honeywell, Zebra, Datamax, Intermec and Avery Dennison.