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RFID Antennas

RFID antennas task is to read RFID tags in warehouses, production lines, retail stores, medical centers and hospitals, sporting events, etc. They are designed for indoor and outdoor environments with an option to choose between near-field and far-field reading ranges. They can operate in harsh environments when the temperature can reach as low as -22°F. Available in different form factors, general purpose, compact, slim and vehicle from well known brands like Impinj, Datalogic, Nordic ID, Honeywell, Unitech and TSL. We provide a broad range of antennas to fit an equally wide range of tags, readers and systems.

Types of antenna

-Circular polarized antennas - used when the orientation of the RFID tag to the antenna is not known. They have a shorter read range in comparison with linear polarization.

-Linear polarization antennas - used when electromagnetic waves broadcast on a single plane (either vertical or horizontal).  

-NF (near field) antennas - utilized to read RFID tags that are only few centimeters away.

-Left-Hand circularly polarized antenna - waves rotate clockwise

-Right -Hand circularly polarized antenna - waves rotate anticlockwise

-Ground & Mat antennas - offered in many different shapes and sizes. They deliver solutions to perfect solution for asset tracking and security loss prevention systems.

-Antenna cables

We provide almost every RFID Antenna cable that is available within different sizes - less than 20 ft, 20-30 ft and more than 30ft.