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Bluebird is known as the innovator and global manufacturer of industrial handheld mobile computers, tablets, and mobile payment devices. Providing high-quality products and world-class services for over 23 years has led its presence to be in more than 120 countries. Throughout the years Bluebird has helped more than 3,000 customers to accomplish great benefits and productivity. Moreover, Bluebird is the only manufacturer that delivers both enterprise mobility and payment solutions. Bluebird products are used in multiple sectors such as retail, transportation, distribution, hospitality, government, finance and healthcare.

Mobile Computers

Bluebird manufacture durable mobile computers that can operate under harsh conditions with protection against water and dust and multiple drops up to 6ft. They empower employees with real time data and provide advanced scanning technology capturing 1D and 2D barcodes. They support multiple operating systems including windows and android. Moreover, they have long lasting battery and network connectivity with support for 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and bluetooth. Bluebird mobile computers are available in different sizes with Full HD displays screens.  

All in One

Bluebird all in one computers provide features such as Wi-fi, cellular and bluetooth, which allows enterprises to remain connected with their employees to enjoy continuous operation and payment processing while on the road. All in one computers are mostly used for mobile ticketing and on-board sales, and support all payment types including smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, and contactless payments

Payment Terminals

Bluebird payment terminals support all type of payments such as including magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass, and VISA payWave. Due to multiple connectivity options such as including WWAN, WLAN, and bluetooth, to ensure that you can stay connected and accept payments wherever is needed. They are protected by best-in-class Stonewall Security™ that uses end-to-end encryption which ensures that card information is kept safely.   

Business Tablets

Bluebird tablets are compatible with major operating systems such as windows and android. These tablets have the ability to operate even in harsh industrial environments. They are equipped with an IP65 rating meaning that they are protected from water and dust. In addition, they allow the employees to always stay connected thanks to features like Wi-Fi and cellular networks and bluetooth. These tablets also have optimized cameras for industrial demands by delivering a great performance in speed, accuracy and high image quality.

Tablet Printers

Powerful and versatile Bluebird tablet printers provide a solution to many industries from leisure to retail. Tablet printers could be used for many applications including airline ticket printing, digital printers with order receipts and receipt printing.  

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