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Barcode Scanner

A Barcode scanner is an electronic device that reads the information located on the barcode. Barcode scanner is used for multiple purposes such as monitoring products, stock levels and prices. LCI Data provides businesses with many options to choose which barcode scanner to purchase based on their needs. The scan engines that are in LCI Data's catalog are laser, linear image and 2D area imagers. These scanners utilize barcode scan engines to read linear 1D and 2D barcodes. The catalog also provides 5 different types such as, mobile computers, presentation, in counter, fixed amount, wearable. LCI Data offers well-known brands such as Zebra, Honeywell and Datalogic.


Barcode Scanner Types

Pen scanners

Pen scanners that consist of two items that are a photodiode in its dip which passes across the barcode and LED light that removes black and white bars. They have the ability to read color, faded and low contrast barcodes rapidly and precisely.  

Handheld Scanners

These types of scanners are known as trigger-like mechanism with point – scan functionality. LCI Data provides many different types of handheld scanners such as wireless and wired. These scanners can print 1D, 2D, postal codes as well as capture barcodes utilizing laser and imaging technology. Handheld scanners also have the ability to scan size of items that flatbed scanners cannot. LCI Data´s catalog provides handheld scanners with additional features such as definitions, translations and reading printed texts aloud.

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Cordless scanners scan the barcode via Bluetooth and then transmit it to the computer via real time or stores it in a memory for later usage. These wireless scanners could either be image or laser scanners. The fact that these scanners are wireless, allows the employees to make the scan where it is most convenient for them.

Industrial Scanners

LCI Data's catalog offers high quality and long lasting scanners that are built of durable plastics and other materials that enables them to operate in the toughest circumstances such as dust and moisture. The beauty is that these scanners are able to operate in touch conditions but also scanning high volumes in fast paced environments. They are a great fit for manufacturing, warehouse and transportation industries.

Presentation Scanners

Presentation printers generate an omni-directional scan pattern that enables them to scan barcodes at any angle. This leads to faster scanning which is ideal for point of sale application. They are very beneficial specifically in retail industries.

In Counter Scanner

LCI Data's catalog has a solution by proving in counter scanner in multiple lengths that allow the cashiers to scan barcodes during high volume retail environment. This will lead to customer satisfaction and profitability.

Wearable Scanners

Also called back of hand scanner. These scanners are known for wearing them on the back of your hand, finger and arm. LCI Data offers wearable scanners to facilitate the scanning process for mobile workers while keeping their hands free. For extra versatility the catalog offers products such as pocket scanners.

Fixed Mount Scanners

Fixed-mount scanners is used for hand-free scanning applications like point of sale, driver's license, kiosks, conveyors and still images. LCI Data's catalog provides Laser and imaging scanners that are available in fixed mount scanners and its different sizes. Fixed-mount scanners are also designed for rugged environments as well as general purposes.

Mobile Barcode Scanner

LCI Data offers a great solution for retailers to gain new customers and retain current customers by offering mobile barcode scanners. Having this scanners is a win - win situation for retailers by making consumers lives much easier. By allowing consumers to scan barcodes of specific products via mobile phones in store and get coupons as well as generating points to loyalty rewards. In addition, consumers will have an opportunity for a self checkout to avoid long lines at the counter.


RFID is Radio Frequency identification. RFID utilizes radio waves to capture information placed on a tag. At LCI Data's catalog, they are similar to barcode scanner where the device captures the information from the tag and stores it in the database. However, RFID is capable to read outside the line-of-sight, while barcodes need to be aligned with an optical scanner.